trip wire

1. a small military force that serves as a first line of defense; if they become engaged in hostilities it will trigger the intervention of stronger military forces
Hypernyms: ↑military unit, ↑military force, ↑military group, ↑force
2. a wire stretched close to the ground that activates something (a trap or camera or weapon) when tripped over
Hypernyms: ↑wire

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I. noun
1. : a low-placed wire used to discourage trespassing on lawns or grass
2. : a wire concealed close to the ground and used especially in military operations to actuate a warning signal or set off an explosive device usually when pulled or moved
II. noun
: something (as a small military force) intended to function as a trip wire (as to set a larger military force in motion)

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trip wire,
a wire which, when pulled releases a catch and starts a process, such as the explosion of a mine or the sounding of an alarm.

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